Client Testimonial

Throughout the entire process, [The File Center] could not have been more service-oriented. Our files are kept in a controlled environment, and our employees no longer have to go out in wet or icy weather to retrieve requested items.

—Carolyn Evans
Comptroller at Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano.


The File Center of Illinois Inc.
421 Kays Drive Normal, IL
(309) 888-4700

Complete File Management - Compliance & Retention

The File Center will help your business meet compliancy regulations on retention, confidentiality and secure destruction. We offer current and go-forward solutions for your business information management system.


  • Barcoded and labelled to your specifications

  • Electronically tracked

  • Same day retrieval and shipping

  • Free Confidential On-site Viewing Room

  • Provide bonded service with insured confidentiality

  • Temperature controlled and dehumidified storage

  • Compliance with retention and destruction guidelines

  • Prevent electronic records loss

Added benefits

Let us create more office space you could use for Exam rooms, waiting areas or personnel. We'll give your staff more time to focus on their important tasks instead of digging and hunting for files. Most of all, you'll have the piece of mind knowing that your patient's files and information are in a safe, climate controlled area, protected from fire, theft and flood.
Below are common guidelines for record retention.

Business Records

Articles of incorporation, Bylaws, Capital stock and bond records, Contracts and agreements (government construction, partnership, employment, labor, etc.), Legal correspondence, Minutes, Auditors' reports, General ledger, Personnel Records,
Annual Financial statements

40 YEARS - Medical and Exposure Records - related to toxic substances

11 YEARS - Personnel Accident Report/Injury Claim

7 YEARS - Bank debt deduction, Worthless securities

6 YEARS - Employee payroll records (W-2, W-4, annual earnings records, etc.)*, General, cash receipts, cash disbursement, and purchase journals, Subsidiary ledgers (accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.), OSHA Logs, Personnel files*

4 YEARS - Attendance Records, Bank deposit slips, reconciliations, statements, Bills of lading, Checks - cancelled, Contracts - purchase and sales, Credit memos, Depreciation records, Employee expense reports, Interim Financial Statements, Freight bills, Internal reports (Work orders, sales reports, production reports), Inventory lists, Invoices - Sales and cash register receipts, merchandise purchases, Invoices -- purchases (permanent assets), Payroll journal, Petty cash vouchers, Time cards and daily time reports

3 YEARS - COBRA Records, OSHA Training Documentation

2 YEARS - Budgets, Employee Benefit Plans*

1 YEAR - I-9 Forms*

* Retention periods begin after termination,

Inventions and Copyrights

PERMANENT - Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Servicemarks, Insurance Records

6 YEARS - Accident reports, Fire inspection reports, Group disability records, Insurance policies, Safety records

4 YEARS - Settled insurance claims

Real Estate Records


6 YEARS - Mortgages, Contracts

Pension/Profit Sharing Records

PERMANENT - Actuarial reports, Associated ledgers and journals, Financial statements, IRS approval letter, Plan and trust agreement